The designers are at work... and won't stop. Babbi Baker has come up with these new handbag designs that will just charm your socks off! 

All new for Spring/Summer 2013, these bags are enough to outshine "even the most dashing" of accessories. They bring sleekness, simplicity, and "starlight" into your wardrobe; the designer, working from her ranch home in New Mexico, says that her biggest inspiration has been the idea of simplicity that has enabled her to "focus on more important things." We have a sneaking suspicion that these "important things" include her faith, her family, and her 6 dogs. Always a 
forward-thinker, Baker only seeks to help others with her designs. She says her motivation for making these accessories has always been "to provide a stylish yet practical tool." There's no denying that these bags are, in fact, a project of artistry in their own right; and the designer's mindset is an example of the long-known idea that utility is the starting-point of an artistry of another sort.

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